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Easily misunderstood

What would you think? 

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What would you think if you saw this pile of sugar beets, in the rain with a sign with a name?

When I saw this huge pile of sugar beets at the side of the road with an improvised sign with a name and number, I stopped to make a picture. I thought 'Is this really the way to sell your crop?' How would that work? Does the farmer just hope that the buyer of the sugar factory passes by and calls you number and makes you an offer? How long would that pile last the rain, wind and cold? This can't be true! Or is this farmer in total panic and is this the last resort to try to get some money for his crop?

That same evening I shared this observation and my concern with Miel d'Haens. He laughed and explained that the number is not a telephone number and that this is the way to facilitate the truck from the refinery to pick up the beets and write down the procurement number. Probably today or tomorrow.....

It made me (again) aware how easily, you can misinterpret what you see and hear. Biking through the Flemish landscape tried to see in an open way, not trying to see what confirms my prejudices...

Flanders.... it is not all small scale farming... but the road are definately worse ;-)

Flanders.... a misleading picture? It is not all small scale farming... but the road are definitively worse ;-)